Top Anadrol Cycle Tips For Newbies

Most athletes know that Anadrol works quickly and easily. All it requires is a simple dosing cycle followed by good diet and targeted workout routines. However, there have been reports from users that Anadrol did not work on them. The reason for this is simple. Each human body is unique and Anadrol does have to be tweaked slightly to suit your personal boy physiology. Here is how you adapt Anadrol to your body to ensure great results.

1.Dosing is quite flexible. For beginners, an average dose of 50mg is recommended but this dose should be considered a baseline guide. We recommend you start with a slightly lower or higher dose as you like to ensure better results. However, Anadrol is usually supplied as a 50mg tablet. You can consider splitting a 50mg tablets in halves or quarters as a starting dose. Women can also start with a lower than 25mg dose as Ana seems to work quite quickly on the female physiology.
2.ANA should not be taken alone. For some reason, it seems to work far better in a combination with other hormones like testosterone. To ensure the best results, combine ANA with Testosterone and cycle it over three to six weeks for your first cycle. If you are happy with the results, you can consider increasing the cycle or decreasing it to gain muscle mass and stamina.
3.ANA is supplied in the form of 50mg pills and starting cycle doses vary anywhere from 25mg to 50mg. In some advanced cases, doses increase to about 100mg per day to ensure maximum weight gain and stamina. However, at doses of 100mg and more, the user seems to experience appetite suppression.  To prevent this from happening, start with a low dose of 10mg and then increase gradually to about 40-50mg per day. This way you will experience beneficial weight gain with none of the side-effects.
4.You might think that appetite suppression is a great side-effect but this is literally a danger to the user. To ensure maximum weight gain, athletes have to consume about 1.5mg to about 2gms of protein per pound of body weight daily. If your appetite is suppressed, then you will not eat well and weight gain becomes impossible. As a result, start your cycle with a low dose of 10mg and then cycle upward depending on your muscle mass requirements.
5.Try reverse dosing as well. In some cases, it becomes necessary to start a long-burst or reverse dosing process for muscle gains. For example, a long-burst process is done by starting with a high dose of 100mg and then lowering the dose to about 20mg per day. This actually will kick-start your gains and double or triple your body mass formation almost immediately.
6.PCT or post-cycle therapy is necessary with ANA. Try to add medications like Clomid, Nolvadex, and Arimidex to your routine to ensure that you gain weight while still minimizing the side-effects.

The Bottom Line

Although ANA works, it is diffiuclt to buy Anadrol UK online. The steroid is a restricted product and you will need a prescription to buy it online. If you do not have a scrip, we do recommend checking Mexican, Chinese and Asian websites to find & buy Anadrol for sale. Most of these websites stock different steroids for sale and they do sell in bulk. However, since they are located halfway across the world, please be a little careful. Make a small initial purchase and verify the product. Once you are happy with the first cycle results, you can think about buying in bulk from the same supplier.