Top Tricks For Identifying Fake Dianabol?

The internet is filled with websites that promise you Dbol for sale. In fact, some websites even promise high-strength medical-grade products provided you buy in bulk. Now, as we all know, its difficult to buy D-bol without a prescription. Most of us might have a private source or seller but what about newbies who want a reliable place to buy Dianabol UK. Their only option is to go online and buy Dbol through unverified websites. Unfortunately, almost 60% of first-time buyers end up getting cheated by the website in the form of scamming or fake products. The other problem is that you cannot really complain and you were technically engaged in an illegal online transaction. So how do you prevent this and still ensure that you are getting quality products.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a few tips that should help you out when you are buying Dbol online.

Tip# 1 – Powder consistency

DBol has a classic look and taste. Once you’ve received the product, you can check it by verifying the powder taste, consistency and look. Dbol has a very bad taste and it appears almost like baking powder in appearance. It also dissolves quite easily in alcohol and while dissolving, the powder appears to swirl around before finally disappearing.

Tip# 2 – Smell

Users have reported a range of smells for the Dbol product and this will vary depending on the product purity. For example, some users report a vague ammonia like stench. Other users have reported a mild floral fragrance that is difficult to detect.

Tip# 3 – Use the melting test

Dbol has a very specific temperature ( 162 C) around which it converts to liquid form. As a result, this temperature can be used a gauge to verify the product you have purchased. You can start by removing about 100mg from your Dbol batch. Place this on an aluminum foil. Preheat your oven and use a meat thermometer to find the temperature of your oven. Once the temperature reaches about 150 C, place the dbol covered foil in the oven and watch carefully. Pure Dbol will melt around 160-163 C and this acts as a very good authentication test for the product. Please note that this test is not without its problems. Ovens do not have uniform temperatures and a good meat thermometer is necessary to ensure that you know the average temperature in the oven.

Tip # 4 – Testing

Once you start using the powder, we do recommend you do a urine and blood test to verify what you are using. There are simple and cheap tests that automatically test blood and urine for steroid content. The tests cost about $40 to $60 and they are available at all medical stores or pharmacies.

Tip # 5 – Results

Since you’ve paid for the product, you are probably using it already. If you have authentic Dbol, you will see results in anywhere from 10 days to about a month. If you don’t see results, its time to dump the powder and find a new supplier immediately.

Again, the internet has thousands of websites listing D-bol for sale. Some of these websites will also approach you directly through email mailers and ads on online forums. But watch out for retailers who offer buy Dianabol for sale at lower-than-market rates. Always place a small first order and ask for a reference. If you are happy with the product and its results, place a repeat order and then check the result again. Once you’ve built up a relationship with the supplier, you can go ahead and buy in bulk.