Go Slow To Build Your Fitness Fast

We all have our reasons for trying to be fit. Some are inspired by their friends or athletes and wish to follow the same path. Others want to lose weight, get healthy, be more confident, or simply feel better about themselves. It takes a great deal of passion to achieve our goals, but that passion should be tamed lest it drive us to do more than our body can handle. Sadly, it happens all the time. Our drive can be a double-edged sword that wounds us instead of helping us vanquish our demons. If we can learn to be patient and go slow, then we can actually arrive at our intended destination faster. Here’s why:

Overtraining Leads to Injuries

We do need to push our bodies to force it to adapt and grow stronger, but we must not go overboard and reach the breaking point. Controlled stress is crucial and this is why the training plan must be tailored to our current fitness, not the level that we aspire to be. Running ourselves to the ground with big jumps in mileage or lifting massive weights to keep breaking our personal records can work for some but most people are likely to get injured along the way. Injuries push us to the sidelines as we rest and recover. We lose valuable time and have to crawl back up to regain our previous form.

A Great Month is Better Than a Great Day

It’s a wonderful feeling when we are able to hammer out a hard workout — a validation of our enhanced fitness. We should definitely celebrate the small victories and let them propel us forward. The problem is that we also take it to heart when we have a bad day, as if it means that all our work has been for nothing. Yet there are lots of possible reasons why we don’t perform as we hoped including lack of sleep, life stress, poor nutrition, cumulative fatigue, and so on. In the end, a single day doesn’t really matter. The crucial thing is to stay consistent for long stretches.

Let Your Body Adapt to Stress

Nobody is born a champion. Even the elites had to work hard for years to reach their potential. The drive to achieve goals must be tempered with the realization that the body needs time to adapt to any stress. It is an incredible machine but we must treat it with kindness. Take rest and recovery seriously to be fitter faster.